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If you are a webmaster and want to trade traffic with, or have other enquiries, please use the form below.

General trade requirements:

  • Heartbreakers prefer quality traffic and happy surfers. I.e. quantity, page rank and age of your website doesn't matter as long your site is clean, surfer-friendly and provide decent content. However, if you send zero productive traffic, you will be listed low on the toplists, and removed if you send no traffic at all.

  • Heartbreakers is a "teen 18+" niche site. Your website must deal with similar traffic/content, or at least part of it.

  • Heartbreakers do not trade with sites offering, distributing, promoting or linking to underage nudity, childporn, bestiality, rape, warez, copyright infringements (like P2P, illegal tubes and usenet).

  • Heartbreakers do not trade with sites practising excessive skim or popups.

  • Your site must have some sort of toplist/visible links (not skim only).

  • Your website must use exclusive domain, i.e. not a subdomain or some sort of redirection service.

  • No cheating! (exit consoles, iframe, blindlinking, hitbots, high proxy traffic et cetera). There are scripts monitoring this, it will not work, and you will not only be removed - but also banned from other websites and webmasters as well!

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